I just don’t get why people complain so much about Classic Who being sexist. Pretty much all of the companions are well written and well characterised, many are tough, action type girls (for example Leela and Ace), a lot are intelligent and can think for themselves (Sarah Jane, Zoe, etc.) Even the ones who scream a lot have other aspects to their characters, and don’t just spend all their time screaming and fainting. I barely ever look at Classic Who and think, oh, that’s a bit sexist. Whereas I look at New Who and think that most of the time.

Moffat’s characters are one-dimensional and all appear to be sassy action girls with no obvious fear or emotion, which scares me more. Classic Who shows girls that they can be frightened but that doesn’t make them any worse a person. New Who shows girls that they have to be tough and nothing else, otherwise you’re just a silly woman and an embarrassment to your sex.

I was watching Web of Fear the other day, and a female character, who was a scientist (and the character the Doctor relied on most to help defeat the yeti), was being flirted with by a guy she had no interest in. He asked her what a girl like her was doing in a job like that (scientist in an underground military base). She replied that when she was a little girl, she wanted to be a scientist, and so she became one. They also predicted, in Terror of the Zygons (I think), that there would be a female prime minister by the 80s. Female characters are frequently offended by being treated in a sexist way.

I think actually that New Who has a lot to learn from Classic Who, and that people shouldn’t just assume sexism just because characters scream sometimes. Every single Classic Who companion was different, but I feel that many of the recent female characters have been almost exactly the same. This is the problem, not that women get scared sometimes. (And the male characters frequently get scared too, I mean look at Jamie.)

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